Why Choose Us

Empowering More Than Smiles

Using orthodontics to boost your health and confidence.

Big & Small Smiles

Dr. Deborah Griffin and our team understand each person (regardless of age) has unique orthodontic and emotional needs. Therefore, we ensure our care is appropriate for you and your smile.

The Team

Our team uses the latest and greatest technologies to achieve fantastic smile results. We use a kind, gentle approach when caring for your child to help them feel comfortable and confident with their treatment.

VIP Treatment

We want to present our patients with the most effective, state-of-the-art treatments possible. What’s more, we treat your family with respect and place you as our top priority.

Beyond Orthodontics

In our office, you are family and are treated as such. Our goal is to make each patient feel special while helping you achieve optimal health and a beautifully aligned smile.

Brady at Deborah S. Griffin DMD, LLC in Vernon, CT

Meet Brady - Our Office MVP

Although our office is packed with comforts and technology to make your family’s visit more pleasant, sometimes genuine companionship is the only cure for anxiety.

Brady, our comfort dog, steps up to the task and makes both children and adults feel at ease. He is a mini Labradoodle who loves being part of our team and seeing patients smile.

Whether you’d like him to sit with you during treatment or just want to pet him and say “hello,” Brady is here to make your visit more fun and relaxing.

Why See an Orthodontist?

Dr. Deborah Griffin can help your family enjoy the benefits of an aligned smile.

Orthodontists have 2-3 years of additional dental training to equip them for the more complex demands in this area of dentistry. Once qualified, an orthodontist focuses on the alignment of your teeth and bite. Dr. Griffin, our Vernon, CT orthodontist. Learn more about our Dr. Griffin, has the training and experience to help conquer common misalignment problems including overcrowding, underbites, overbites, and more. She uses modern technology and advanced techniques to help both adults and children love their smiles. With a trained orthodontist, you benefit from:

  • Years of extensive training
  • Modern technology and treatment options
  • A specialty dentist
  • Health benefits from a properly aligned bite and teeth
  • Expert advice

If you or your child has misaligned teeth or jaw pain, then Dr. Griffin may be able to help. You can visit your family dentist (who may refer you) or contact us directly to book an appointment at Deborah S. Griffin DMD.

Collage at Deborah S. Griffin DMD, LLC in Vernon, CT

Giving Back to Our Community

We love to support local schools, events, and our neighbors.

Being part of the Vernon, CT communityOpens a new window to the town’s website is so important to our team. We want our children and patients to enjoy life in our town so we do our best to give back and support the local community.

Our practice gets involved by:

  • Sponsoring local baseball, softball, and football teams
  • Helping with community theater
  • Attending and sponsoring local events

Check out some events we have been a part of: